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Website Structure and SEO Benefits

One of the ongoing issues for our clients involves website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how to ensure any particular site is effectively reaching both an existing audience and a new, potential set of prospects. One of the most important … Read More

Crisis Management and the Media

Once you know how you’re going to deliver your message, ensure your PR and executive team utilize specific policies and procedures for managing the media. Some of these issues are often overlooked, and during a crisis, executives and senior leaders … Read More

Formula 1 Using Twitter Effectively & With Purpose

Formula One is known as the most technologically advanced form of motorsport. While people will argue over the type of racing they enjoy, F1 has a remarkable history of making specialized technology common ground. And now, they’re making good use … Read More

Survey Management

Web Solutions // Survey Management / R|Com SurveyManager 2   … Read More

Content Management

Web Solutions // Content Management Systems / CMS Options / R|Com WebManager 5   … Read More

Secure Hosting

Web Solutions // Secure Hosting / dedicated hosting – internet access – disaster recovery   The Right Choice Safe Secure Solid Cost conscious Located in the Wilshire corridor just outside downtown Los Angeles. Our hosting environment is not converted office … Read MoreRead More

Custom Software

Web Solutions // Custom Software / Why R|Com? The key to a successful web development engagement involves teamwork. Our engineers are experts at listening to you, understanding your needs, and then delivering quality code that will stand up over time. … Read MoreRead More

Media Galleries

Web Solutions // Media Galleries / R/Com MediaManager 2 /     … Read More

Social Media

Web Solutions // Social Media Social media is about creating a connection with your audience. It can be a monologue or a dialogue – but the process is always about building a brand and brand loyalty between you and your … Read MoreRead More