Website Structure and SEO Benefits

One of the ongoing issues for our clients involves website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how to ensure any particular site is effectively reaching both an existing audience and a new, potential set of prospects. One of the most important issues relative to SEO is the process of structure within a website.

I’ve spent time with clients discussing their objectives, and often, they confuse the process of reaching an audience with the structure of the site itself. The issues of multiple domains, sub-domains, directories, multi-language, and site categories and structure all play a role in how your audience, robots and SEO functions will benefit.

Why is this so important?

The critical issue is that if you go down the wrong path, fixing it later can be problematic. At the same time, there is no single best practice. Each site, each product, each service is different.

During the course of the coming few weeks, I’ll cover a range of factors that impact SEO and website performance. Topics will include GEO Targeting, how Authority/Trust/Domain Strength affects site design, how Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) can be best managed, and how Link Building and Link Structure impact site performance.

The objective is to help you evaluate your options and to develop best practices for managing the content of your website. As a starting point, consider the following questions:

  • Do I have the resources to support multiple websites or subdomains?
  • Do I have the knowledge to setup correctly the domains/subdomains?
  • Can I develop a strong SEO campaign for them?
  • Do I have enough content to add to all the new websites?
  • Can I provide enough links to all the domains and subdomains?

The most basic workflow would be to utilize directories/folders within your web architecture. That will help define the process of tracking your site, it’s operational value, and segregating key elements of the site. And this goes beyond a database/application environment.

If you want to take the foundation of a good web concept and turn it into a strong, highly visible web environment, give these articles some consideration. Better still, give us a call and we’ll work thru it together.


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