2012 NAB Preview: How Will it Impact Our Work?

Every year, more than 150,000 people in the broadcast video industry converge on sin city to ooh and aah at the latest cameras, monitors, and broadcast goodies. For the past several years, the migration to all things digital and HD … Read More

Rock Our World

Rock Our World is the story of Carol Anne McGuire and her students. This short video is hopefully a preview of a full-length documentary on the subject. It will be part of our new portfolio, but you can also view it here, if you like. … Read More

Good Footage Comes in All Shapes and Sizes.

I have kept this camera for this exact purpose – when not expecting something, be prepared to get the unexpected. So, at the end of the day, I got some big shots from a small camera. … Read More

Fighting For Life to Air on Memorial Weekend

The story content was so powerful. Now that the film has been completed, I see new things every time I watch the film. It is moving, heroic, and non-political. … Read More

Solar Winds Prevail

This production was created for up to six cameras, four en route, all in HD. Separate teams under the production direction of David Barrett worked to find the lead stories each day, during a 10-day across the US and Canada race. … Read More

Focus on the action

The key to this show was taking the time in pre-production to assess all of the possibilities that could arise while on the go. We often shoot in a run and gun style, so it’s important to know that we might run into. The experience of this cross country jaunt will help us with a variety of new projects as we move forward. There’s no replacement for experience. … Read More