Continuum Film Wins Best Documentary (again!)

My Academy Award-winning father (twice!) keeps telling me that we have to promote ourselves at every turn. For some, it’s easy. For me, not so easy. But, in this case, easier – as the film in question, Continuum: Against All Odds, is the work of my remarkable wife, Cameron. … Read More

Ready, Set, Go Now in Production

Ready, Set, Go! as an initiative is being supported by a wide array of Southern California emergency services agencies. The Los Angeles Fire Department’s position is clear: If there is a wildfire, prepare your home and family, get set to evacuate if required, and when asked, or even before that, leave the area. Your home can be saved. Once you die, coming back is apparently problematic. … Read More

Rock Our World – The Release Cut

This is the final cut for the short film about Carol Anne McGuire and her program of music and education: Rock Our World. … Read More

Rock Our World

Rock Our World is the story of Carol Anne McGuire and her students. This short video is hopefully a preview of a full-length documentary on the subject. It will be part of our new portfolio, but you can also view it here, if you like. … Read More

Australia Revisited

Last year I spent two weeks travelling across Australia as one person in a two-unit film crew – the fulfillment of a dream long envisioned, and certainly more wonderful than I could have imagined. As we followed the¬†World Solar Challenge … Read MoreRead More

Preparing to Shoot in Australia

Part of our team is about to head to Australia to shoot a sports documentary for the University of Michigan. It will be a challenging project, crossing the entire country via the Stewart Highway, a desolate, dangerous and often two … Read More