Leaping into the New Year

As we push our way into 2012, the coming year is already filled with expectations and variations from the norm. What will you do on February 29? Will you take advantage of the extra three days prior to filing taxes? … Read More

Don’t Turn Off That Television – Oh, Wait: You Can’t!

Our clients need to know how these evolving and emerging new devices and capabilities impact their marketing, sales, and promotional strategies and tactics. To keep up with the Jones’, stick with us throughout the week. Make sure you attach yourself to our Twitter feed to get the latest info from the show. … Read More

Advertising Basics

So, it goes without saying that the most simple and direct tactics are often the most effective. Take this Hyundai advertisement. Well, it isn’t really an ad for the car company. It’s an ad – wait, it’s an anti-ad for the retailer from whom the owner of this Hyundai made his or her purchase. I love this ad. … Read More

Navigating Hilarity

During the Consumer Electronics Show, we had a chance to check out a variety of new promoted technologies on various automobiles. As a component of our work within the automotive space, we often drive new vehicles, work with clinic groups … Read More

Shortest F1 Circuit in the World

Only in Vegas. … Read More

Shooting in Nevada

This year, we’re focusing on technology that has applications to the automotive industry. That includes navigation, multimedia, video, and even Internet technologies. In fact, we’re learning that in 2008, many kids will want to migrate away from watching DVDs and will instead want to watch YouTube, all while traveling down the highway. … Read More