Leaping into the New Year

As we push our way into 2012, the coming year is already filled with expectations and variations from the norm. What will you do on February 29? Will you take advantage of the extra three days prior to filing taxes? Will you vote? Will you hire? Will you invest?

We’re on the move with a number of new initiatives. During the coming few months, we’ll introduce new and updated Internet-software, several iPad apps, and all kinds of interesting video and media projects. It’s only the first week in January, and we’re already filled with anticipation!

One of the most exciting things for us involves customer support. Our CRM solution will be greatly expanded as of January 30th. Your ability to not only make support requests, but to manage the history of requests, the process, even creating videos and attaching them to your requests will all be possible. One of the most important things for us is being responsive. This new system will provide higher levels of accountability, with increased ease of use. It’s very cool and I look forward to sharing the details on launch day (the 30th).

Our CMS, R/com WebManager Pro has been upgraded, and we’re already making some important adjustments. Our clients love this solution, and it is truly a stable, efficient, enterprise quality tool for anyone interested in content-driven workflow. We’ll share the details in February.

We’re producing a new pilot “web series” that will debut in February as well. A lifestyle/automotive real life (as opposed to reality) series, we’ll explore the history of various manufacturers, brands, or models, great roads to drive – and how to drive them – as well as the people (very interesting) that support the vehicles featured.

Our documentary project of the Los Angeles Fire Department is moving into the next phase. And for the first time, you’ll be able to move alongside us as an active part of the production. The first release of our “side by side” production phase is also a February release.

We’ve completed our “911, Los Angeles Remembers” documentary short. It will be making the festival circuit, and we’ll be delivering the final film to the 911 Museum in New York City in March. If you haven’t seen it, we encourage you to do so. A new link will be set up in a few days and we’ll share that with you then.

If you haven’t spent any time browsing through our portfolio, please take a few moments and enjoy some of the really nice projects and images we’ve created: R/com Portfolio

There’s much more, but this is enough to tease you with. Know that we’re looking forward to each day of the coming year, and hope to have you alongside as we work to collaborate on the storytelling adventure that makes up our team, clients, and partners.

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