iOS Studio

Introducing R/com Studios

We’re also going to “let our hair down,” so to speak – and engage a bit more of our opinion in some of our blog postings. As an example, one of the key projects underway at R/com Studios is completing the migration from HD to 4K video. … Read More

iOS 9 Shows Some Maturity, Not So The Watch… Yet

Before talking about the new version of the watchOS, Apple touted its latest App Store numbers: It has recently surpassed 100 billion downloads and paid out $30 billion to developers. … Read More

Which One? New iPhone 6 Plus or iPad?

Even the iPad, which continues to be the market leader is not experiencing the type of growth that smart phones are. Now, with the Apple 6 Plus, some people are wondering if the tablet has a future at all. … Read More

Building 3D Models Changes How We Share Via The Web

We use 3D models ourselves, and quite successfully. One example is our client website PureCommand. The iPad devices in the site are all 3D models developed by our team. … Read More

Why iOS 8 is Useful to Our Clients

Apple’s introduction of iOS 8 provides some important and useful enhancements that anyone using an iPad or iPhone should be interested in. … Read More

Do You Want to Create a Mobile App?

More of our business is centered around mobile app development than ever before. Creating an application that runs under iOS or Android is completely different than coding for a stand-alone software app, or a server-driven web app. In fact, a … Read More

Increased Productivity, Courtesy of iOS 6 and Apple

As Apple’s latest mobile operating system is downloaded by millions, understanding why this is a good thing is a reasonable question to ask. Some people are of the opinion that if Apple updated everyone to a blank screen with zero … Read More

Streamlining EHR for patients and physicians

While people tend to get fairly animated when discussing the Affordable Care Act (AHA), there is another big change taking place in medicine, and it’s already underway. Electronic Health Records, or EHR is changing the way physicians and patients interact. … Read More

Is Twitter Usage Important to Marketing a Product?

Technology often moves so quickly, we can’t even catch our breath before the next wave hits us. Twitter isn’t really new, but it is evolving. The technology that was originally for broadcasting mini-blog postings of 144 characters has become a … Read More

SmartPhones and SmartCars. One in Every Garage Soon!

The more time we spend in our cars, the more we’re looking for something to do. Forget about that European concept that when in a car, one should drive… As we sit on the freeway, in stop and go traffic, … Read More