william volk

Building 3D Models Changes How We Share Via The Web

We use 3D models ourselves, and quite successfully. One example is our client website PureCommand. The iPad devices in the site are all 3D models developed by our team. … Read More

Remembering Space Shuttle Challenger and the first Mac Flight Sim

But Challenger represented something else for the United States and the world. It represented a new “live TV” look at life, and death, in a way most people had not been exposed to previously. It was the start of something that is so commonplace today, we don’t even realize it’s happening. Today, we can look into the lives, events, and challenges of our world in real-time. … Read More

From Failure Comes Success

A year before, I had sat at lunch with the Japanese President of the computer company I worked for, and he explained to me that as far as he was concerned, there was no opportunity for success without failure. He praised me for trying new things relative to the job I had been given to promote a new operating system on a personal computer. … Read More