An editor’s world today: technology nightmare

The ability to edit video has become downright cheap in the past year. Just a few years ago, if you wanted to use an AVID nonlinear editor, you’d stroke a check for at least 30 thousand dollars. Today, you can … Read More

What Really Went Wrong With Final Cut X

I can remember when nobody knew what Final Cut Pro was. In fact, I can remember when Randy Ubillos and Tim Meyers were working to move an unnamed video project from a company called SuperMac to Adobe. Those were really … Read More

The Changing Face of HD Production

Perhaps the most significant change in the face of HD production is literally the face – the face of the camera. In this case, I’m referring to the emerging trend towards digital SLR still cameras (D-SLRs) that shoot HD video. There are several options from Canon, Nikon, and even Panasonic. … Read More