Continuum Film Wins Best Documentary (again!)

shapeimage_1My Academy Award-winning father (twice!) keeps telling me that we have to promote ourselves at every turn. For some, it’s easy. For me, not so easy. But, in this case, easier – as the film in question, Continuum: Against All Odds, is the work of my remarkable wife, Cameron.

The Going Green Film Festival saw fit to have its judges award our documentary on the University of Michigan’s solar racing team, best film in its category: transportation. Frankly, I thought we had a shot, while Cameron, nervous and talking a mile a minute thought no chance at all! It is sweet to hear the name of your film called out in a large auditorium as the winner of an award.

The students at Michigan deserve all the credit: their story made the film interesting. For us, this is now past history. We’re very honored, and at the same time, we’re busy moving forward with new projects. If you saw the film and liked it, please let us know. If you would like a copy, send us a note. If you want your own award-winning production, we’re open to proposals!

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