Don’t Forget to Listen to Your Customers

As 2011 winds down, I spend considerable time evaluating where we’ve been and where we need to go in the coming year. As much as possible, I visit with clients and ask questions, so I can get a better feel … Read More

R|com Earns Three Telly Awards for 2009

The 30th Annual Telly Awards have been announced and R|com Creative has earned three separate awards in this year’s competition. We are honored that the Telly Awards have seen fit to honor us for our film and video endeavors. … Read More

Designing for Print – The LAFD Gala Program

Each year, the Los Angeles Fire Department throws a benefit gala to raise money for the Historical Society to fund their various programs and projects throughout the year. At each seat is a set of gifts donated by sponsors and printed material designed and produced by R|com Creative. As the designer of the program book, the short timetable and the reliance on multiple sources of information proved the most challenging elements, but the finished product was well worth the effort and time spent. … Read More

The Speed of Event Management

Suddenly, on the day before the event, time was sucked into some type of hyperspace. A 24-hour period went by in about 40 minutes. What do you mean, it’s 4PM? I just got up at 6AM and that was like, ten minutes ago? And, as the event drew closer, the number of things left undone seemed minute. … Read More