Ford Continues to Demonstrate Leadership With Social Media

It’s so nice when you see someone or some entity doing something that you’d like to do as well or better. Apple has been at the forefront of classic product design and marketing. Ford is another example of a manufacturer that understands how to engage with their clients and prospects – with results that include brand loyalty and sales.

One of the things I really like about the way Ford engages with people is their ear. They listen. Their team reads what customers and prospects write about them. And they reply as well. The result is something we miss in many aspects of our lives these days: dialog. The two way street of give and take is up and running from person to person. It’s a bit faulty in business to client. But, not at Ford.

In fact, Ford has developed a web environment that is all about the communications aspect of reaching out to the world – literally – with video, stories, text, and events. Ford Social is so cool – and it apparently works better than anyone might imagine.

Ford Social combines history, user stories, videos, Facebook, and corporate behind the scenes peeks, that create a dynamic “must visit” destination. From there, prospects can learn more about Ford products or get involved in Ford events. Ford customers become Ford evangelists, and the best things about the company are shared to literally millions.

This technique can work on a much smaller level as well. Regardless, it takes commitment, an understanding of who your audience is, and a strategy on growing your brand. We love these challenges and would love to find the “right” opportunity for 2013, where someone wants to create the best possible web ecosystem for their growing product or brand. Wanna talk about it?

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