Get Started With That New iPad (3, HD, Newer, etc.)

Everywhere except in Southern (Gotta Have It) California, people lined up to be the first on their block (for at least five seconds) to own the latest release of the Apple iPad. Apple is magic at getting people to give up all reason when it comes to purchasing the latest gizmo from them.

For me – well, I hate a queue, so I’m not lining up. Also, it’s a freaking tool, not ice cream or Star Tours. My iPad arrives via the FedEx people. It’s far more civilized, and it gives me an excuse to go home – a place that I don’t see enough of.

For many people, the best part of getting started with their new iPad is opening it up. I thought I’d share this fantastic short video about opening the iPad for the first time. It rocks and you should watch it.

(courtesy Final Cut King)


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