Small Can Be The New Big

small_vs_big_wrestling_r3ofIt seems that every week, we’re reading about another multi-billion dollar loss and the threat of another huge firm closing or filing for protection from creditors using chapter 11, etc. The trickle down effect that has on suppliers, consultants, staff, etc. means we are all impacted in one way or another. But it doesn’t mean we’re cut off at the pass.

Big companies have problems that little companies don’t. And overall, it seems to be that smaller is bigger than big these days. A small company can change direction more quickly, can create products or services more rapidly, and overall, can be more effective in servicing their customer base.

Even the way we communicate is affected by big vs. small. As one example, email is big. It’s big enough to attract spammers. So, unless we spend the time to properly manage our email filters, plug-ins, etc., our in-boxes fill with nonsense on a daily, if not hourly basis. Email is so big, it’s causing people to put off reading their email.

But Twitter is growing, and it’s getting bigger because it’s service is smaller. A Twitter Tweet is short. It’s simple. 140 characters, please. It shows up on your phone, your PDA, or your web browser. And, you subscribe to it. So, you follow those whom you’d like to hear from. I know at least a few of our team get nearly as many tweets now as they get email messages. Of course, learning to manage Twitter is important, or your phone or PDA will go beep, beep, beep all day long.

So, give it some thought – we can help you better understand how to creatively and effectively manage your products or services in a rapidly changing marketplace. By thinking small, you could eventually be big. And we can help.

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