YouTube Quality Improves, We Create a new L.A. Fire Channel

The LAFD Museum and Memorial YouTube Channel.
The new L.A. Fire Video Channel on YouTube

Recently, YouTube has done some really good work relative to the quality of video being streamed from its site. This certainly must be related to the competition (even if small) from upstarts like REVVER. Regardless, it’s very nice to see a choice (that you can set in your preferences) for both standard and high quality video playback. While not yet pristine, it is a big step forward, and it makes using or creating a YouTube channel far more attractive.

We recently created a YouTube channel that focuses on the Los Angeles Fire Department. It will be tied to our documentary website and our history and training video series. Currently, it features a combination of education and historic footage, but there are also many links to other firefighting videos.

You can access the site via our friends at the LAFD Museum and Memorial – or directly at: LA Fire YouTube Channel

For our team, creating appropriate relationships with others interested in fire fighting was been an important element of the process (for exposure). We’ve made good progress, with new subscribers joining fairly frequently and a strong number of viewers for the content in the channel.

The challenge is keeping the channel up-to-date and always new. For the near-term, there is a lot of material to share, but it does underscore that along with quality, a good story is priceless.

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  1. Ray William Johnson

    I was certainly glad to see Youtube finally upgrade the video quality.

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