Thunderbolt Tech is More Than Fast Hard Drives

It’s easy to treat Thunderbolt like any other iteration of connectivity. Just like we moved from USB, to FireWire 400, to USB 2 to FireWire 800, we’ll move to Thunderbolt. But if you do let go of a bored sigh, and say, “Yeah, yeah, another way to connect my external hard drives to my computer that’s faster. Big deal.” you could be missing the point of Thunderbolt. And if you’re a neat freak about cables, then don’t dismiss this new technology. You’re gonna want it, trust me.

At the National Association of Broadcasters, where we saw more Thunderbolt drives and other peripherals connected via Thunderbolt cables than we’ve seen in any video production house so far. Lacie, G Technology, Western Digital and many more all had booths on the show floor sporting plenty of Thunderbolt drives plugged into the latest MacBook Pros. Are they faster? Yeah. But it’s more than that.

David Barrett explains why Thunderbolt really is a revolutionary technology, and why making the move will not only make your transfer of files faster, but it could also make your laptop faster, not to mention clean up that nasty tangle of cables you’ve got trapping dust bunnies behind your desk.


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