The Initial Bits of Our Auto Web Series Pilot

So, we’re developing a web series pilot. It’s called Auto Obsession and it’s about the people who own various types of vehicles and how… um… unique they all believe they are. Think of People Magazine or US for vehicle owners. And yes, it can get very weird. But, we’re ready for that. We’ve spent years with weird and ultra weird. As a devotee of the late Hunter S. Thompson, I relish the opportunity to seek out the weird – and to put them on television, or at least on the web.

We’ve been shooting primarily B-roll and bits and pieces so far. The pilot is about MiniUSA and Mini owners. As part of that adventure, we’re creating a MINI unlike any that US owners have seen so far. We might as well distract them so we get their Mini mindset on camera.

Mini is a niche brand, but is very successful. Mini people are for whatever reason always happy. It’s a good combination for a series. We’ll get the take of the experts in auto research at AutoPacific as well. They are clearly the best in the biz when it comes to sharing the why and how of any vehicle or automotive brand.

We’ve taken a Mini Cooper Countryman S and we’re turning it into the first USA version of the upcoming John Cooper Works Countryman. Black body and red roof. 18-inch non-runflat tires (the runflats that are delivered with the car should be made illegal). Much more – but you’ll have to see the show!

We’ve shot the Countryman getting new boots, new roof, new bits and pieces. And, we’ve taken it on the road. Video shoot elements have been captured up and down the State of California. On the 17-mile drive in Carmel, we set up to shoot the car at one of the more picturesque corners, and as we set up on the south side of the road, BMW had a crew setting up on the north side of the road – to get footage of the new F-30 3-Series car just introduced at Laguna Seca Raceway this past week. Hilarious to anyone watching us.

Tomorrow, the real fun begins. We’re headed to the San Diego area to join in a “run” of Mini people. We’ll interview them. We’ll ride along with them. We’ll share their stories about their Minis and why these cars have taken over their lives.

Later in the month, we’ll spend a few days at the Thunder Hill race track in Northern California with a flock of mini owners (Mini Thunder) who love their cars more than, well, just about anything.

As we get the pilot site set up, we’ll share more…

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  1. Dan Skorcz (Wolfman Dan)

    I’m vice president of SoCal MINI Maniacs car club, the largest MINI Cooper club in the U.S. (maybe the world) with over 1,700 members.
    I also just returned from Thunder Hill where I ran my JCW GP which is a pretty special car and it was one of the quickest cars there.

    I understand that you may meet up with some of our members at Coogies in Malibu on Sat. March 3rd which is good. I won’t be at that gathering but look forward to meeting with you in the future
    about your endeavors. Good luck with the show
    Dan Skorcz

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