Building a Campaign

We’re in the midst of creating a collection of materials to be used in a campaign for a non-profit. Campaign creativity is one of the more challenging projects I can imagine. For a typical campaign, you’re working out how to get a segment of the population to react positively to something they want. You’re meeting demand with a supply of the “product” and the story you tell will hopefully get the prospective audience to loose their minds as they queue up to make a purchase.

With a non-profit, you’re often offering people the opportunity to support something they don’t want, don’t typically think about, and certainly don’t want to invest in. Given the economic challenges we face in today’s world, the challenge of a campaign for a non profit can be daunting.

In our case, we’re excited about it. The cause is important, and the need is significant, as the mission is to save lives. But, in a complex society, people may not have time to even pay attention. So, it’s time to address that.

In this case, we discussed the creation of three tiers of messaging. The first tier is a traditional mailing kit. The packaging is unique – with an 11 x 14 envelope that features large type on the front, and a full color image on the back. The anticipated result is that the individual who receives the package, cannot resist opening it. And to ensure the fastest possible access, a large QR code is stamped on the front of the packaging.

Inside, there are a series of materials, each organized into sections within a large 8.5 x 11 brochure style folder. The key elements are a FAQ document and a DVD that will play anywhere (no region limitations). There are links to websites, video clips, and materials to share with friends and business associates.

If it sounds busy – it is. But the key is to show the breadth of capabilities of the non profit as well as to highlight the various programs for which funding is being sought. Most importantly, none of the included elements is repetitive from other pieces. An individual reviewing the materials will quickly see what they may be interested in.

Separate from the brochure materials, a complete section of the non-profit’s website has been updated to match the look and feel of the mailing campaign. New pages of content, as well as a series of videos that stream (from iPhone to HD TV) tell the story to anyone who watches.

It’s a bit early to tell how financially successful the campaign is, but the early reports are that people love the materials and they’re talking about it. If you’re a non-profit, that’s 50% of the battle.

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