Why R|Com?

Experience and Expertise

It’s easy to make the claim that you’re an expert. We have nearly 25 years of experience in film, video, technology and computer-driven solutions. Creating a database of experience and knowledge leads to expertise. Every one of our clients has helped us become better at what we do. Talk to us. Judge for yourself. We think you’ll be pleased.

Business Experience

We’re in business to make your enterprise more successful. We listen. We respond. We are proactive. And, we maintain long-term relationships with our clients. Understanding your business requirements and taking your objectives and turning them into revenue is a core competency with our team. We know that the bottom line supports everything else. Let us help you expand your revenue with new products, new concepts, and new messages.

Vertical and Domain Expertise

Our knowledge ranges from application design, development and integration to operating processes. We can help you save time and money as you expand your use of technology or video.

Technology Competence

We understand how our equipment works. It may sound silly, but many people tend to miss that point. From camera setup and operations, to server compliance and process, our team knows how our stuff works. That competence will help us create integrated, scalable, robust solutions with an optimal cost/performance ratio.

Commitment to Quality

Our in-house motto is: “make each new project your personal best.” Everyone makes mistakes. We’re committed to eliminating them.

Personnel Quality

The quality of our people makes us stand out. We hire and retain only the best professionals. Some work from home. Everyone works around the clock.

Individual Approach

Your requirements are not like anyone else’s. There is no repeatable template with one exception: If we listen to your needs, we’ll be able to create a specific, unique solution that will help you reach your objectives.

Easy Communication

Let’s talk! We love a good conversation. Don’t rely on complex “fluency” statements. Trust your instincts. Talk to us.

We never stop improving our services, including development technologies, engineering practices, management methods and QA standards to improve the stories we tell, the brands we support, and the engagements we earn. We look forward to working with you.

Questions? Let’s Talk.


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