R|com WebManager Pro (version 5.7)

The following is a select list of key features and functions within R|com WebManager Pro. Note that we often customize the CMS architecture to match the needs of our client, so the capabilities listed should be considered as a baseline to overall functionality.

Key Benefits and Capabilities

  • What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) editing. Creating page content is just like writing a document in a word processing application
  • Auto-Save capabilities reduce data loss. In the event your browser encounters problems or crashes, your data remains secure. When you log back in to R|com Web Manager, all of your work in progress will be listed for you – ready to use.
  • Search Engine Optimization. R|com Web Manager has been designed to support sophisticated Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The use of meta data, and page A/B comparisons permits variations on a theme to be compared and based on user input, automatically adjusted.
  • Dynamic menu and page generation. R|com WebManager Pro will update menus on the fly (based on template design), as well as implementing multiple security methods, including cross-site scripting (XSS) prevention.
  • Multilingual options for any site. It’s easy to create multilingual sites by adding new languages to the built-in translation tool. Translators fit automatically into the page editing workflow and get email notices when they need to translate or update translated content. Translators use the same visual editing tools, including a side-by-side reference of the original content, so generating localized material is direct and complete.
  • Accountability for every user. R|com WebManager Pro includes a sophisticated versioning capability. Every change to any page is tracked. You can review the entire history of any webpage, and if required, migrate a legacy page forward. This is particularly helpful with pages that may be seasonal, or that are focused on a specific audience or product/service.
  • Multiple user accounts. Create different types of users, based on their job function. Enable an intern to review pages, but not allow changes. Enable a designer to create new art. Give an editor the opportunity to create new pages. You maintain total control, and the process of creating and publishing content is up to you and your workflow specifications.
  • User accountability and site security. Every user has their own account. Every user’s activity, from log in to page changes are tracked and reported on. If you want to know if a page was changed, not only can you see the version update, but you will see what user was logged in, what page they altered, and the date and time the update was created.
  • Multiple user workflow. R|com WebManager Pro supports fully featured web publishing workflow. Create a draft document, pass it along to your legal department for approval, make changes if requested, and then publish when appropriate.


R|com WebManager Pro Roadmap:

We’re continuing to develop and evolve our content management solution. The roadmap for the fall quarter of 2012 and winter of 2013 is based around several key issues: ensuring the CMS capability with new versions of MySQL, PHP, and server environments, addition of new components, and continued stability improvements. One of the key strengths of R|com WebManager Pro is its stability, even under very heavy user loads. And, as always, we work closely with our clients to ensure the best possible solutions.

Some of the updates that are in development include:

  • New form templates, providing you with pre-defined forms for registration, applications, requests, and much, much more.
  • Video Content Management – organize your video clips, by format, topic, use, URL, and more.
  • Improved SEO tools built in to the core structure of the system.
  • New social media tools for an entire site, or specific pages within a site.
  • Continued updates and improvements across all R/com Web Manager libraries.


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