The Power of Strong Storytelling…

Watch the GM "Falling Down" TV spot

Motion pictures. Television. Games. Books, Twitter. Everyone loves a good story. It can be six hours long, 1001 pages, or 140 characters. If there is a message well put, chances are, people will want to read, see, hear, watch. And the result is often a good (or bad) feeling.

I personally love to see something clever – something different – that is above all else a great story. While getting set up for a large Thanksgiving event today, I had the good fortune to stumble upon a terrific story. It was short – one minute long. It was emotional – images we’ve all seen. And, it was from an entity I’d never expect to speak to us in this manner: General Motors.

For GM to create this remarkable TV spot is one thing. To launch it on a day when family, memories, and emotions run high is truly brilliant. When the dust settles, GM is still GM. But they are speaking to the American people – their customer base. And there is no doubt it will inspire confidence in some, and general sales for the General.

Regardless of what you think of GM, consider what they’ve been through as a corporation. Consider what their employees have been through, not to mention the people who own a GM product. And then, consider what this new TV spot means to them, and to anyone who pays taxes. This is a message that goes beyond simple sales. This is a message that speaks to our economy, our political process, our work ethic, and frankly, to everything that is American. Happy Thanksgiving.

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