The Place to Go is TCHO

Tcho Chocolates
Tcho Chocolates

For this year’s sweetheart holiday, you might want to consider TCHO chocolates. Well, you don’t actually have to go there (Pier 17 in San Francisco), but if you do, there is a “chocolate tasting room” and soon, multimedia factory tours. There is also an awesome online store.

We love that Louis Rossetto, founder of Wired Magazine is now the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer for the two-year old start-up, joining former NASA Shuttle technologist Timothy Childs in this new venture. Seeing two technology experts developing a food venture using the latest technology in food development, high-quality training, and most interesting of all – using their own beans. How cool is that?

So, where to get TCHO? Starbucks has started selling the tasty chocs . Don’t let your sweetheart down on the 14th of Feb this year!

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