Social Networking Now Mainstream?

As you begin to determine how you’ll use technology this year, there are more options to consider than ever before. The advent of Social Networking has become the current “topic du jour” and is being tossed around like a Ceasar Salad at Mastros Steakhouse in Beverly Hills. Fancy, but is there substance?crowded-street_9b0v

Well, in both cases, yes. Mastros has perhaps the best steaks in the LA area, and Social Networking is here – it’s real, and we’d better consider it when making our marketing plans this year. However, before we get too pumped up about telling everyone we’re a social networker, it’s probably a good idea to get a clue about what’s involved. Just as with blogs before this new craze, it isn’t something anyone will do properly.

The beauty of Social Networking is that anyone can do it. If you have the time, the experience, the ability to type, edit, follow up, and be diligent, then you’re good to go. If not, there are companies like ours that will help you.

And, note that the advent of a new business opportunity is exciting for a lot of people, so expect to see a lot of “Social Network Pros” out there. Before you sign them up, check to see if they’re using the tools. Do they have a blog? Do they update it? Are they using links appropriately? Are they, well, practicing what they’re selling?

Before you even consider taking on the challenge of social networking, it’s important to learn more about it and how it works. Scott Nichols at PC Magazine has written a terrific article this week that talks about the power of Social Networking – and most importantly, who’s using it. As it turns out, it’s probably your clients, vendors, kids, and even grandpa Olsen. If you thought it was a teenage daydream, think again.


  1. Bill Moyers

    Thanks for this blog entry. Right on the money, dude. Too many people think they’re the ones who do the SEO dance better than anyone else, but it’s like medicine, ain’t it? There’s good docs and there’s a lot of quacks. Don’t get caught with a duck.

  2. Candace

    Seems social marketing is, indeed, on every organization’s agenda for the new year, that is, if they are keeping up with trends. You’re right – it is fairly easy, but it does take a lot of time and few companies have the resources to do it themselves.
    The problem is that businesses are posting a lot of fluff all over the net in their attempts to gain share through this new tool. Doctors, siding sales, shady drug companies – all are using social marketing. Even dental marketing plans are using it! How effective will it be when the media becomes oversaturated?

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