Shooting in Detroit

The North American Auto Show in Detroit has been the most important automotive show in North America for many years. We enjoy shooting at this event, but it is changing, and I wonder if the show itself will evolve, or if other venues and cities will move to take center stage?

BMW prepared to unwrap the new X6 at the Detroit Auto Show in January of 2008.
BMW prepared to unwrap the new X6 at the Detroit Auto Show in January of 2008.

For me, the throngs of media all taking the same pictures of the same vehicles on the same stands is fairly boring. I do enjoy interviewing auto execs, as they are often misunderstood and it’s a crazy job with unbelievable responsibilities. Getting to spend a few minutes with leaders in this industry is very appealing and informative.

What I really like, however, is watching how technology from our world integrates into a convention like this. This year, more than ever before, HD cameras were to be seen everywhere. And, not only HD, but hand-held HD, including consumer cameras of all makes and price ranges. One fellow actually walked the entire show wearing a “steadycam” style support vest, all for a 5 pound camera that was a fly compared to the 50 pound Betacams I used to lug about. In fact, of equal amazement to me are the number of people who are still lugging these monsters about. Not only is it silly, but the gear is, for the most part, antique and unable to compete with many of those 10 to 20 pound cameras…

It’s also fun to watch many of these “shooters” as they look for the right angle, fumbling about with their gear. Amateurs are everywhere, but mixed in, you’ll on occasion see someone that catches your eye – often a younger shooter, but with not only enthusiasm, but an EYE for the shot.

We’ll be in town longer this year than previously, as our client will also have us participate in meetings at their Detroit offices, but the show itself is really worth walking. Check out our video offerings from the show.

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