If You Use a Mac, Then You Need to Use This

I don’t often jump up and down about a new product. There’s better ways to exercise.

This week, however, I found (wait – must put on beanie with propeller first) a totally cool little app for keeping your Apple Macintosh up-to-date, functional, and without the evolving nonsense that is crippling to any PC. It’s called MacKeeper.

Why so special?

Most apps that promise to clean up your system are like those rent-a-maids. You pay the money, but in a week, your house is dirty again. This app helps you keep things nice and tidy in a variety of really important ways.

First of all, you can have the app scan your system, looking for orphaned files, junk and other data you just don’t need any longer (meaning it’s not connected to any installed app). With the click of a button, everything is laid out for you and the choices about what you keep and toss are pretty easy. And MacKeeper is fast. In less than 15 minutes, I had a 500GB drive fixed up nice and tidy.

As it turned out, not only were things improved generally, but things were faster, too. Being able to do this easily and rapidly is important if you use your laptop a lot – like I do. So, I was both impressed and happy when a few clicks got a lot of issues resolved.

One other aspect of this app that bears mentioning is its ability to check out the versions of nearly ALL of your installed software. A few clicks and you’re apps are updated (pre-App Store apps). In fact, I totally missed out that so many basic apps that I rely on were long in the tooth.

The point is – if you’re busy and don’t have time or energy to manually keep your system in the pink, then MacKeeper is a terrific solution. Affordable (under $60) and effective. Nice.

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