Field Production1

HD Cameras, Experienced Crews, Effective Support. We’ll share it all with you.

R/com Creative delivers quality, affordable, and focused field production services. Whether you’re producing a corporate communications piece for internal use, a public service announcementtrainingadvertising, or a feature length documentary, we provide the right crew to get your project done.

Step #1 – We’ll assign a producer to manage your project needs.

Step #2 – Pre-production phase:

  • Goal – What is your objective for the project?
  • Message – What do you want your audience to learn, experience or know?
  • Audience – Who are you trying to reach?
  • Distribution – How will people hear and see your message?

Step #3 – Style, content, timeline, budget, and logistics



Production Services

  • Storyline Development
  • Script Supervision
  • Field Production (licensing, scheduling, permits, releases, etc.)
  • In-Field Production
  • Studio Production
  • Continuity Support
  • Training
  • Camera Support


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