Google Experiments with “Real Time” Search

Google and real time search

As if Google wasn’t big enough, more apparent in our lives, it continues to seek new ways to get ahead of us. The company is working on a new technology that scours the Internet – looking for the most up-to-the-minute search results. Essentially, it’s like watching a log of the Internet in real time. It’s neat. It’s also fairly useless (at the moment).

But don’t sell it short. The ability to track information of this type, say during a catastrophe like an earthquake could be life saving and priceless. Google believes this technology will have a home and it will be an important tool in the very near future. You can try it out for yourself, too. You can view the promotional video, and you can click/tap on “try realtime search” to see how it functions.

The next step will be to give users the ability to add filters. Then, you can weed out the lame twitter posts and monitor only information that makes sense to you. It’s a new publishing medium for the likes of the AP. Um, no. At least, not yet.

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