Data Center Updates Continued

hard-drivesWe are continuing to evolve our hosting and support services. For those of you that have been keeping tabs on our progress, we’re now moving into a new phase. Our monitoring solution is working really nicely and over the coming week or two, we’ll switch it on for all of our servers, applications, and related clients. I must say that being able to check on nearly any capability of any server from my iPhone is really fantastic.

Now, we’re in the process of replacing literally all of the hard drives in our servers that are more than 18 months old. Even though our monitoring capabilities will advise us of drives that may fail in the future, we’ve opted to move to a new, standardized hard drive system. By installing the same make of drive in every server, we can more easily manage performance and reliability. Drive technology has evolved quite a bit, and for many of our drives, replacing them will add benefits such as increased speed, larger cache capabilities, and longer drive warranties.

Once all of the drives have been replaced, we’re going to add several new services which will be available to our clients beginning with our next renewal period. If you’re interested in a preview, send us a note and we’ll arrange a discussion or meeting to review the various options available.

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