New RedRock Micro Follow Focus Rocks the House!

micro-remoteSo, check out the photo. See where it says “microRemote” on the display? You’re looking at an iPhone. Or, alternatively, it could be an iPod Touch. Regardless, this is one of the most important new product releases since the DSLR rage hit. It doesn’t matter if you shoot with a Nikon or a Canon or whatever – if you shoot HD video, this is a really important piece of kit.

Essentially, this is a wireless, handheld, follow focus automation device. One of the big problems with DSLR rigs is they’re still small, even when you add a mattebox, viewfinder, etc. So, when the shot really counts and you’re shooting with sticks, this is a terrific way to better manage the shot.

It’s totally cool that RedRock Micro has delivered an Apple-certified iPhone/iPod touch application specifically for focus automation. And, if you add all of the proper goodies, it’s so James Bond or Jason Bourne, or (pick fave actor or serial adventure star here). It’s also cool that you can use your iPhone without lamenting about how lame AT&T is.

I could go on and on about this neat new tool. I won’t. Instead, check out the totally sales-oriented, but still nicely produced sales pitch video [ watch video clip ]

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