Sample Footage From ROW Mini Documentary

As we produce projects, we’ll share elements of those projects with you. The enclosed sample is from an upcoming mini-documentary called Rock Our World.

Carol Anne McGuire has been doing amazing things with kids for years. Her Rock Our World project is perhaps the most remarkable, as she brings schools together from around the world to collaborate on core curriculum, using music as the foundation for that interactive learning experience.

We were engaged to produce this short piece by William Rolland, the founder of the William Rolland Firefighters Foundation and a former Los Angeles City Firefighter. He met Carol Anne and was immediately taken with the effect her skills had on her students.

Because of the short turnaround, we decided on a run and gun style of production. We used shotgun mics, rather than lavs or studio mics, a single Sony Z1U camera for the primary shots and a Canon V30 for some of the student shots (everything in this short clip is from the Z1U), and a few stills thrown in for good measure. Editing is being done using Final Cut Pro.

This sample is ungraded direct output from the camera. No audio sweetening has been done yet. The final mini-documentary will be approximately eight minutes long. Our hope is to evolve this into a full-length documentary aimed at the education and festival circuit.

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