Welcome to MySafe:LA

mysafela-promoThis week, we’re launching a new web environment, one that we’re very excited about:


This new website is designed to provide a community-based education and awareness portal for the 4 million residents of Los Angeles. Not only will it include step-by-step tips on earthquake safety, fire prevention and suppression, etc., but it will enable others, including both families and teachers, to deliver online courses in fire and life safety.

The environment is 100% database driven, utilizes standards on all levels for both development and deployment of content, and utilizes some of the best streaming video you can find anywhere. If you’re interested in a safer home, office, or school environment, visit the site and take a look at some of the materials provided.

The MySafe:LA program will continue to evolve during the coming months, with many new capabilities, including but not limited to personal safety profiles, automated escape map routing, group notification, links to reverse phone trees, and much more. The program, developed in collaboration with the William Rolland Firefighter’s Foundation and the Los Angeles Fire Department, is something we’re all very pleased about – and we’re eager to see what the coming months bring in terms of use and reaction.

Our team has been involved in certain aspects of public safety for some time. We’ve developed in-service training video for the LAFD, for council district offices, and for the public. We’ve created DVD-based training drills for shipboard firefighting. And, although not directly public-safety-related, we’re diligently at work on a documentary history of the Los Angeles City Fire Department.

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