Use Video To Support Your Sales Force

commercial-screenDid you know you can use video to reduce the cost of sales? It’s true. Consider the typical sales cycle: initial contact is followed by a meet and greet. If successful, a formal presentation is prepared. Negotiations follow; objections are overcome, and over time, if appropriate, a sale is closed.

Video can help shorten the sales cycle, and it can help grow your business. By creating short, informative, and professionally produced “sales” pieces, your sales team can share more information with prospects than previously – and nearly instantly. When you highlight a video following a phone or lunch discussion, you demonstrate prompt follow-up. And, a short video is something nearly anyone has time for.

Most decision makers desks are filled with clutter. There’s too much to deal with and not enough time. Having the ability to run a video via a web-browser, while also reviewing email, or other tasks, increases your opportunity to be seen – and for your message to be heard.

It also means you can concentrate on the sales process, not on scheduling more meetings, which can lead to lower productivity. If your prospect is more highly qualified when you meet, your time spent will be more effective as it relates to helping both parties get what the want – and need.

And, it works, too. A non-profit client of ours reports that the short membership video we developed for them secures more new members than all of their other efforts combined. A manufacturer client of ours is still securing new sales with video components developed for them by our team several years ago (maybe it’s time to update those videos!). The popularity of online video, combined with the increasing comfort with watching video on your desktop as a part of your business day makes¬† the case for using video even stronger.

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