Quality PR is a Valuable Tool

This past week, our team supported an event in Hollywood that would not have had any impact had it not been for the PR team we work with. The event, at a museum in the center of the city, drew hundreds of local residents and included food and drink bars, live music, tours, and much more. It was great fun and the management of the event was a snap.

Good public relations can make or break important events.
Good PR is critical for important events.

The  publicity related to the event was the thing that mattered, however. Getting key stories published in the Los Angeles Timed, the Daily News, and in other places made the event an unqualified success and gave the museum exposure that will surely last into the fall.

Over the years, we’ve spent time with countless PR managers and consultants. And while many know how to execute the job and have enthusiasm, only a few continually prove they should be in the PR biz. What makes a PR team effective?

In my experience, the answer lies in relationships. If a PR person can get the opportunity for stories to be created, then exposure it produced. If the PR person can influence (within reason) the angle on the story (handicapped child wins sports trophy, etc.), the right message can be delivered. And, as often as not, money plays a big role in getting the right people on board. You do, often, get what you pay for. This is why Britney Spears and other celebrities often rebound with strong public support after remarkably dumb things occur – good publicity and PR.

So, in this case, our PR friends at B|W|R were just terrific. To have them generously devote their efforts to this museum, and to see such positive impressions created as a result, is fulfilling in many ways. The media who attended were genuinely pleased to be there, which is another part of the PR puzzle. And while this was a simple event to create, it was also an important one. I’m fortunate to know such capable professionals and to get the chance to work around them.

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