Creating a New Automotive Video Project

The new VehicleVoice YouTube Channel
The new VehicleVoice YouTube Channel

VehicleVoice is the consumer unit of AutoPacific, an industry research firm based in Tustin, California. For the past few years, the company has worked with our team to post video content to their website and to iTunes. During the past few months, we’ve worked to establish a new look and feel for the video aspect of the organization, and have done so via YouTube.

Working in the YouTube environment is quickly becoming a more effective and productive method of distribution of videos. As most phones play YouTube videos, in addition to computers, and as YouTube videos can be streamed to a television, it is one of the largest mechanisms for delivery of video content.

There is much to be done, however, if you wish to make the YouTube environment work for you. Unless you have revealing photos/video of (enter star of the week’s name here), you aren’t likely to get a viral audience of millions in minutes. You can, however, with constant and consistent management of the environment, build an audience that is unqiue and fits the niche you wish to establish.

We experimented with a variety of looks and colors to create an appropriate VehicleVoice theme. Some customization and some experimentation led to a clean, easy to read format. We also took advantage of the playlist capability – an often overlooked, yet important feature within YouTube. By creating playlists and featuring them on your “channel” – you have the opportunity to organize your videos into categories separate from tags and other tracking mechanisms.

VehicleVoice has moved away from most video production, while most other entities have increased their use of video in recent months. The value and power of video is unmistakable and we hope to see more automotive stories published in this manner in the future.

You can check the channel out at: The VehicleVoice YouTube Channel

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