R|com Content Management System Software New Release

Our crew is pleased to announce the release of a new release of our content management system (CMS) software. This is a significant upgrade from our previous release and offers a host of improvements and new features. Called R|com Web Manager, it is a fully featured content solution, allowing for the management and publication of content without the need for a web engineer to assist you. There is no requirement for previous experience with web design, illustration, or IT management. If you can use Microsoft Office or iWork from Apple, you can use our CMS.

Kerr Corporation uses our R|com Web Manager Pro CMS solution - one of scores of installations.
Kerr Corporation uses our R|com Web Manager Pro CMS solution - one of scores of installations.

There are a lot of CMS solutions in the marketplace. Some are very expensive, with an installation cost in the mid-six-figures. There are others in the open source arena, but those typically require more self-management capability, although some are pretty good and well supported.

Our solution provides the ideal mix of capabilities. The license fee is very reasonable, and we provide the option for a single installation or a full server filled with multiple installations. The range of options is extensive, as are the add-on capabilities.

The trick for any CMS is having it set up properly and designed for proper support and use. This is where a solution such as R|com Web Manager is idea for a small to mid-size business. Our team will not only install and support the application, but we’ll create the proper publishing environment for your stories, images, videos, etc. And, we’ll help you maintain the solution, ranging from simple hosting and support to full maintenance and content delivery. We have designers, videographers, and journalists who can all help create the best possible message for your audience.

Another advantage of our Content Management solution is that it is  written in the PHP programming language and powered by the Apache web server and MySQL database. This means we can install it on a variety of servers, ranging from a Windows box to Linux to the latest Mac OS X Server solution. Versatility is very important, and the time and effort put into our solution will prove useful to you when you’re considering a new CMS solution. We work to eliminate roadblocks – and it shows.

R|com Web Manager Pro works with IE6+, Firefox 2+ and Safari 3 and runs in either PHP 4 or 5, Apache 1.3+ and MySQL 4+.

The new release of R|com Web Manager Pro adds support for the following capabilities:

  • Multi-lingual website support
  • Much improved and better integrated WYSIWYG editor
  • Auto-save for browser crash recovery
  • Safari browser support
  • New search add-on based on the Zend Framework
  • Improved security, form spam prevention and session hijacking prevention
  • Improved performance through delayed loading of certain components
  • Improved internal workflow messaging
  • New setting controls for modifying all aspects of the system
  • Improved search engine optimization (SEO) options
  • Over 150 other enhancements, bug fixes and usability improvements

With installations all over the world, and access to engineering expertise anywhere, our CMS solution isn’t tied to or limited by our boutique firm, either. While we’ve been around for a long time and continue to grow and evolve, you can have confidence that your investment in our CMS solution will be usable and effective for years to come.

You can learn more by visiting our website and checking out our CMS page.

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