Keep it Simple

This week, our team delivered materials for the board of a non-profit we’re consulting with. Originally created as a grassroots preservation organization, this non-profit is growing and their needs are evolving. They’ve never operated with an annual budget, a strategic or business plan. Many of the directors are retired, and as such, technology is foreign to them, even if they are able to use email. The challenge for us was to deliver messages that were not overly complex, while still communicating the key issues important to the growth of the organization.

We created a PowerPoint deck that focused on the top ten issues for the upcoming year. Separately, we prepared a written document, with far more detail. This way, the Directors can, at their leisure, review the points in depth, if that is of interest to them.

The presentation went well. It was a good exercise for us, as it’s often easy to put too much data up for the audience – just because you have it. We’ll remember that the next time, too.

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